Wednesday, 29 October 2014



We went to Caixalab (in CaixaForum) last Tuesday. It was a great experience for us because we learned how everybody can invent a new product. 
A girl showed us the different stages to create a new thing. First she played a short movie about people who started with a small company and currently  they are big entrepreneurs. Then we played games: like creating a product, taking cards and putting them in the right side.

In the end, we talked about all the activities and how important is to look around to create new things. 

Kiara and Seon Young 


Last Wednesday, Paul, a very funny professional entrepreneur, explained to us about this subject and talked about him. After that, we played some games. The first one consisted in moving from one chair to another one, depending on our favourite food. The purpose of this game was to check our organization with our classmates.
The second game consisted in passing  two different pens around the class, to the next pupil you decided and talked with him/her about the pen. The main objective of this game was to learn how to work in teams.

Then we recorded our voices talking about our objectives during this year. We think that entrepreneurs class is a great subject and very useful for our future life. 
Miriam Ardèvol and Mónica Retuerto