Tuesday, 12 May 2015


They are very nervous but they did it really well. Last monday Mónica Retuerto, Miriam Ardévol, Ricard Gil, Jordi Sancho and David Herrero presented their proyect in la Salle Universitat Ramon LLull in front of their teachers and mentor.Congratulations, you done good work . 
 We are very proud of you and we hope you go to the final !!

Monday, 20 April 2015


Today was a class full of funny performances from the different groups of entrepreneurship. Firstly, all of us felt nervous, but at the end we hid our embarrassment.

Some groups sang, some students played music, another group danced, others acted and disguised and  one group role-played the main idea of their project. 

Little by little, and with Paul's help, all of us relaxed  and we loosened up in public.
Doing those performances was a great lesson to us all.



Tuesday, 17 March 2015


                                                  PAUL'S CLASSES 

Entrepreneurship classes are fun and interesting, Paul always have new activities with a fixed target for us to learn something new.  He is quite funny, polite, and good at the time of explaining how to do things and improve our projects. You can notice an evolution if we compare the beginning of our current projects till the projects we actually have. In conclusion: great fun, didactic and useful classes. This week Paul sang for us a beautiful Scottish song!!!  He is really awesome!!

                                                              Enyel Adame 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Last Wednesday in Entrepreneurship with Paul, we did some interesting dynamics to practise our capabilities. The first consisted in trusting your couple; you didn’t see anything and your couple had to guide you only with the touch. The second dynamic was similar but the person had to guide you with the voice and that’s how we learned to listen carefully. Paul also sang us a Scottish song and played his guitar and we sang with him. It was really funny and the objective was to lose the shame and to learn to express ourselves. After Easter we will make an artistic presentation, so let’s see! I’m sure it will be very helpful.

Mónica Retuerto 3r ESO 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

                                               " JORNADA DE PORTES OBERTES"

Some of our students today have had the opportunity to show the parents who came to see our school their projects. They have done a great job and all the families were amazing how students of 3rd of ESO were able to speak fluently English with such a perfect performance. Our students at the end were tired but happy to have the chance of showing their ideas of innovation to many people. 
Congratulations guys!! 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


                                              MARKETING RESEARCH 

In our last class with Paul we had the opportunity to show the interviews we made (teachers, friends, family, tourits,etc) to know if our product liked or not. As we asked people, most of us realised of our lacks and things we havent thought before; as the price or the way of selling our product. We have learnt that people can tell us many good or bad things about our idea. It's been a great experience!!

Friday, 6 February 2015


Last Wednesday  we did a f​antastic activity with Paul. This activity consisted in working as a team.
We had to make a structure using some drinking straws to protect an egg. We had to listen to all the members of the group to choose the best idea for building the structure . That was created with forty straws and the group with less straws won. We had thirty-five minutes to do it. When all groups finished their structure,  we had to  drop it on the floor. We were six groups and only two structures resisted the impact on the floor.

                                       Alba Arribas  3rd of ESO

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Before Christmas we enjoyed a lot the activities Paul got ready for us, when he arrived he had an activity where we could find out if we trust our classmates and we are capable of trusting people. Those activities are good for us as we relax for ten minutes before we start the class and fears of speaking in public seem to disappear for a while!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

An interesting talk with Francesc Riverola

Last week, we had a talk with Francesc Riverola, President of the Website: FXStreet.com; he told us about his life in the business world, and other pages and projects like: where the hell is Matt? , and the bracelets of a girl, etc…
He told us his secrets about how to be a millionaire with a project like his, but at the end that was a lie because there is not a way to follow to be a millionaire.
He explained to us his dark background when he was young like us, his mistakes; the evolution of his website, a little bit of his family like his wife and his daughters, etc…
 It was very interesting all the information and little things he told us to trust in our projects, etc… I repeat, very good and with a lot good of videos like the advert from TNT. I like it a lot and I hope my classmates like it too.  
 Enyel Adame  3r ESO


Wednesday, 29 October 2014



We went to Caixalab (in CaixaForum) last Tuesday. It was a great experience for us because we learned how everybody can invent a new product. 
A girl showed us the different stages to create a new thing. First she played a short movie about people who started with a small company and currently  they are big entrepreneurs. Then we played games: like creating a product, taking cards and putting them in the right side.

In the end, we talked about all the activities and how important is to look around to create new things. 

Kiara and Seon Young 


Last Wednesday, Paul, a very funny professional entrepreneur, explained to us about this subject and talked about him. After that, we played some games. The first one consisted in moving from one chair to another one, depending on our favourite food. The purpose of this game was to check our organization with our classmates.
The second game consisted in passing  two different pens around the class, to the next pupil you decided and talked with him/her about the pen. The main objective of this game was to learn how to work in teams.

Then we recorded our voices talking about our objectives during this year. We think that entrepreneurs class is a great subject and very useful for our future life. 
Miriam Ardèvol and Mónica Retuerto