Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Barcelona Activa - Entrepreneur spirit workshop

Today all 24 entrepreneur students from 3rd ESO attended a workshop about entrepreneur spirit. We talked about the several values needed in order to be an entrepreneur: empathy, initiative, commitment, creativeness, resilience, effort, and so on. We got to know many famous entrepreneurs and their beginnings and motivations, and we also met by video some cases of other closer entrepreneurs. It was both entertaining and inspiring, a good way to start with our entrepreneur subject!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Initial presentations and groups' creation

After a few initial sessions with Angie and Núria about the project's presentation, entrepreneur's examples and motivational activities, today we met Paul, from Fundació Escola Emprenedors.

Firstly, we got to know each other better in English and did some games to feel more confident and relaxed.

Then, we found out our individual interests in creating a company and exposed them in front of the rest of the students. Finally, we grouped ourselves accordingly to these interests. This way we will have the company members created considering our affinities.