Monday, 4 April 2016

Time to think and reflect

Hello from the Entrepreneurship class!

After the Easter break, we have stopped to see where our projects are. We had personal interviews to see what our projects had ok and what we can make better in the future. Paul showed us how to have a great project, and we are going to make them great!

Here are some of the instructions he gives to us, and we will work next week to improve them and make them FANTASTIC!

During the class, the groups that weren't with Paul designed a scene. We had got different colours of paper and we had to invent a scene where you could see our product. This is what we made!

See you next week with a better project!

Surflight Team

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Third quarter is here!

Hello everyone!

In the last months, the students of 3rd of ESO have been developing great product ideas that could improve people's lifes. They have thought of products such as a device that could let blind people walk without the aid of sticks or dogs, practical make-up gadgets, or a surf board that allows people to surf at night with safety.

In addition to that, our students have made a market research, interviewing people to find out how to improve their products. They have also thought on how to advertise their products, creating video advertisements and flyers. They are also preparing websites and social media accounts to share their projects with the world.


The last third of the course begins, and the students are starting to get ready for the presentation they will give in front of their parents!

We leave you this week with the advertisement video of the Surflight groupWe hope you enjoy it!