Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Today we worked motivation with Paul. He spoke with us about doing a good job with our project and he said we can do great things if we work hard. We start the year full of energy and we will make everything better.
Today some groups presented the videos with interviews from Christmas homework.
 The Surflight group had edited a video and it was very good and original. Our group also presented and we explained that people like our products. Paul says he likes them too.
Next week we will present the results and graphs of the interviews
. We wish they are good!

Thursday, 7 January 2016


The week before our Christmas Holidays a man very important in business came to the school to talk about entrepreneurship and the importance of being a dreamer but with effort, because nothing comes from nothing (well the 22nd of December if you win the lottery yes, but first you have to play ja ja..).

Our speaker Francesc Riverola is the founder of FXStreet, he explained to us his career from the beginnings in 2000 in Barcelona until nowadays. He is a successful man and his achievements have come from working hard every day with his wife. He gave birth to an adventurous project creating an international FX website in English, the first of its kind with information and tools for currencies traders. They are now around 30 people in the Barcelona office. Outside of Barcelona and all around the world, approximately 20 collaborators work with them as news editors, trading session leaders, advisers and content assistants. Of course he explained what the company is about as we do not know about foreign currency and markets, but the most important thing is the way he encouraged us to fight for what we want and no to forget that everything is difficult but with optimism and happiness every dream can come true.


                                                                      3rd of ESO

Monday, 14 December 2015

Our projects are getting better!!!!

Last Wednesday all the groups of our class made their oral presentations!!

We exposed the projects in front of our classmates. We were nervous because we were afraid, well not literary that feeling but we were afraid of making a mistake in our oral presentation, but at the end we did great, and some our classmates told us that they liked a lot. 

Ada's group did fantastic too, their idea is about recycling!
Alexis' group did a theatre presentation, they had a great idea and with creativity because we enjoyed a lot and had fun.
Alba's group has a product with great imagination as well!

We are working hard and enjoying a lot but we have some homework in Christmas. It is called a market research. We have to ask people about our product and see if they like it!! It is going to be great fun as we have to ask people in the street and speak in english with them.

Helena, Alexandra and Deamy. 3rd of ESO.  

Thursday, 5 November 2015

                               ENJOYING AND LEARNING WITH PAUL

Today we did a game that consists in building  towers with twenty raw spaghettis. On the top of each towers we had to put a marshmallow.
Material for each group:
  • -       American Sticky tape.
  • -       A marshmallow.
  • -       Twenty raw spaghettis.
  • -       Scissors.

We did ​​this game to learn how to make a building (tower) with creativity and realism at the same time.
The group that won the game for the realism was the group of Ada, Alfonso, Andreu, Clara and Felipe.
The group that won the game for the creativity was the group of Martina, Carla, Laia, Àgueda and Carla.
Finally Paul gave us the prizes,  marshmallow to the whole class.

Martina and Carla, students of third of ESO. 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

CaixaLab. If you want, you can.

Our students have visited CaixaLab this week and it has been a great experience for all of them. "If you want, you can”
This space is vertebrate in three areas which define the content of CaixaLab Experience. Each area has a number of activities that invited our students to acquire new motivations, to observe reality with a critical attitude, to grasp opportunities and to look for needs in our lives. They have known the experiences of several entrepreneurs and how with simple things and ability they are famous around the world for making easier the lives of many people.
Students of third of ESO enjoyed and they are looking forward to bringing off their project!! So good luck guys!!!!

Thinking about out products

Today in class , we thought about the product that we would invent by groups.
In my case, our product is aimed at surfers who surf at night.

Why this product?

Many surfers are attacked by sharks at night , and people can not see them and can’t help it. Our product consists of creating a surf table with waterproof lights that works with solar energy. This way we do not pollute the enviroment.

We also want to invent some bracelets that indicate risk through colors. If there is no risk the bracelet will turn blue; if there is risk of sharks it will turn red, if the tide is high, yellow and if the tide is low, purple.

We are thinking of a price for the bracelets of 50 euros
The bracelets with the table surf and lights will be 800 euros

In the next sessions, we will improve our project!

See you next week!

Celia Parra
Yang Zhenghao
Nora Boudjehem
Carla Conesa
Gabriel Villarreal

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


In today’s class, we thought of two or three different groups of people that we know and two problems or needs these groups have. In our case, the groups were people at school, people at work and people who easily are cold or hot.  Then we thought about the solutions: one is a pen that is also a tipp-ex, and the other is a jacket that could become cold to make you feel better. Next wednesday we are going to present our ideas and choose which is the final product we would like to develop during this course.
 As well we play a game that we enjoyed a lot, a trusting game !!! Paul wanted us to realised that we need to trust people to work in groups. 

This is what we have done today! We are waiting for next week!

Alfonso Barrado
Ada Nasarre
Andreu Perera
Clara Torres


As many years before, this course our students will have the chance to discover their abilities and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.  

With the help of Paul, an experienced teacher who already worked with us last year, 3rd of ESO students will get to know more about themselves, their passions and their environment. Through collective dynamics and teamwork sessions, the groups of young entrepreneurs will create and develop business ideas, shaping them into a project. They will also practice their English and lose their public-speaking embarrassment.

We will keep you updated with our weekly progress.

Let’s begin!



Tuesday, 12 May 2015


They are very nervous but they did it really well. Last monday Mónica Retuerto, Miriam Ardévol, Ricard Gil, Jordi Sancho and David Herrero presented their proyect in la Salle Universitat Ramon LLull in front of their teachers and mentor.Congratulations, you done good work . 
 We are very proud of you and we hope you go to the final !!

Monday, 20 April 2015


Today was a class full of funny performances from the different groups of entrepreneurship. Firstly, all of us felt nervous, but at the end we hid our embarrassment.

Some groups sang, some students played music, another group danced, others acted and disguised and  one group role-played the main idea of their project. 

Little by little, and with Paul's help, all of us relaxed  and we loosened up in public.
Doing those performances was a great lesson to us all.



Tuesday, 17 March 2015


                                                  PAUL'S CLASSES 

Entrepreneurship classes are fun and interesting, Paul always have new activities with a fixed target for us to learn something new.  He is quite funny, polite, and good at the time of explaining how to do things and improve our projects. You can notice an evolution if we compare the beginning of our current projects till the projects we actually have. In conclusion: great fun, didactic and useful classes. This week Paul sang for us a beautiful Scottish song!!!  He is really awesome!!

                                                              Enyel Adame 

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Last Wednesday in Entrepreneurship with Paul, we did some interesting dynamics to practise our capabilities. The first consisted in trusting your couple; you didn’t see anything and your couple had to guide you only with the touch. The second dynamic was similar but the person had to guide you with the voice and that’s how we learned to listen carefully. Paul also sang us a Scottish song and played his guitar and we sang with him. It was really funny and the objective was to lose the shame and to learn to express ourselves. After Easter we will make an artistic presentation, so let’s see! I’m sure it will be very helpful.

Mónica Retuerto 3r ESO